Finally back on track

Well, for once, my lack of posting actually was not a bad sign! I’m perfectly on track with eating and exercise! (Ok, perfectly might be a bit of an exaggeration.) Anyway, to be honest, my lack of posting is due mostly to spending most of my few computer minutes reading blogs/forums about couponing. I’ve gotten some great deals lately, including some healthy things – like Dannon Light n Fit yogurt for less 10-20 cents, FiberOne yogurt 4 packs for 50 cents, Smart Ones frozen dinners for 67 cents!! Also, I used some of the money I’ve been saving and “splurged” a bit on some higher priced food items at Aldi – salmon, tilapia, mahi mahi, frozen fruit, a little fresh produce!

So back to my Weight Watchers story where I left off last Friday after stating some of the benefits I thought joining WW would bring me. I do want to take a moment to mention some of the more negatives:

  • In the past it has seemed easier for me to simply count calories rather than points. I intuitively know the calorie count of most any food off the top of my head. I can guess portion sizes fairly well, although I almost always go ahead and measure to the nearest gram!
    Bottom Line: my brilliant calorie counting plan wasn’t working! A change might be good for me and it’s basically the same principle.
  • I also worried that following WW and counting only points, not calories, would make me end up eating a few extra calories. This is especially true if everything is round to the nearest whole point. (Some people do count in half point increments, and even WW online tools does this.)  The calorie creep is also true if eating foods with a lot of fiber. For example if I eat, say, two 3 pt Smart Ones desserts in one day that actually have 170 calories each, I have eaten a total of 340 calories, but only counted it as 6 points, so that amounts to an extra 40 calories. I could go on about that. Same story with fiber. One cup of green beans = 40 calories, but only 0 pts because of the fiber. Well, I still have some concern about this but it can work both ways. The yogurt I eat is only 80 calories, but 2 points (no fiber in it). Also, I don’t try to intentionally manipulate the system. I count my fiber one yogurts as one point even though they’re 50 cals/4+ grams fiber, so technically zero points. Bottom Line: My brilliant calorie counting plan wasn’t working. And counting “points” is far better than nothing and a lot better than counting calories if I stick with it longer.
  • It costs money. Bottom Line: My own free method sure wasn’t working for me (starting to see a theme, here?), and $40/month in the grand scheme of things isn’t gonna make one bit of difference for us. Maybe the paying money thing will actually provide some extra motivation.
  • The meetings can be a little cheesy. Bottom Line: well, my on-my-0wn non-cheesy methods weren’t working for me. And it’s not like a little cheesiness is actually going to hurt me.

Okay, that said, back to where I left off last Friday. Well, as promised, I did go to a Weight Watchers meeting at 8am Saturday morning! The hardest part was working up the courage to walk inside. Really, the steps from the car to the door were the most difficult. I arrived fairly early because I gone to the grocery store first and couldn’t time things perfectly. I sat in the car for a few minutes, all that while thinking of a ton of excuses why this was a terrible and I should just drive away. Well, luckily I’d announced on this blog for both of my readers to hold me accountable! So how could I turn back?

Anyway, I walked in, and, of course, it wasn’t so bad. Everything went smoothly. Everyone was very nice. Got weighed in, got the first week’s materials, got a weekly food journal which I love. I got the monthly pass deal, which is $40/month deducted automatically, no registration fee, and includes the on-line WW etools. There were maybe 15-20 ppl at the meeting. There were some moments that were more on the cheesy side, but I did feel more encouraged after leaving.

One comment that a lady made really stuck with me. She was celebrating the fact that she lost four pounds that week. What was so special about this for her was that the week before she had a terrible week eating and baking and had a five pound gain. She said she knew before she came to the meeting that week that she had gained a lot, and she really didn’t want to come. She almost didn’t. But then she remembered someone saying that that was exactly the time when you do need to come. So because she came, she quickly got back on the wagon and followed her terrible week with a very good one.

That comment really touched me because I’ve been in similar situations. And she was so right – the key moment is after you have that bad week – do you let turn into dozens of bad weeks or do you get right back up?

Anyway, I’ve been food journalling faithfully this week. It hasn’t been too hard. I have, however, used up all of my flex points and dug into quite a few of my activity points. So I am a little worried. Parts of that were somewhat unavoidable, others were my fault. But for my first week, I’m not going to worry about it. It’s still allowed and I should still lose weight – just maybe not as much.

I’ll report back saturday after my meeting and weigh-in to let you know the results of my first week – that’s what you really wanna know, right – How much weight did I lose?

  1. #1 by Alexandra on March 25, 2010 - 10:59 pm

    Can’t wait to hear about your first week at WW!

    Also hoping you’ll share how you got those Smart Ones for 67 cents! 😉 I hear about people getting amazing deals like that, using coupons and such, but I’ve never been able to do it, myself. I use coupons whenever possible, but I never seem to save as much on things as others do.

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