Getting nervous about tomorrow’s weigh-in

Friday is almost over and tomorrow morning I’ll be back to my WW mtg to see how I did on my first week. I have to admit, I’m getting a little nervous because I think it would be really awkward/embarrassing not to have a loss (or, worse, a gain) on your first week. The receptionists are so used to seeing a huge number that first week and everybody does well their first week, you know? Well, I have a couple strikes against me. For one, I’ve never been one of those lose five pounds the first week kind of people. My body just doesn’t lose that fast even the first week. Second, I wasn’t exactly losing weight before last week when I started, but I wasn’t exactly off a diet (or, um, what are you supposed those things now? healthy eating plan? Does that sound better?) either. So my body didn’t undergo the drastic changes that most people do in their first week. Third, I ate all of my flex points plus almost all of my activity points in addition to having several lose point estimates.

Which brings me to my next point. Why am I so worried that I won’t have lost since I’m a daily weigher? Well, I ditched that to do, because, as you can easily guess if you read yesterday’s post, that wasn’t working for me, was it? Figured if I’m gonna do Weight Watchers, I’m just gonna do it their way and quit thinking that I know better. Because while I theoretically do know more about myself – well, it wasn’t working for me! Now I’m rather shaky on this decision to stop weighing myself daily – I really don’t know if I can psychologically handle a weekly weigh-in. So I’m definitely not promising to keep away from my bathroom scale, but I’m just gonna try the weekly thing for now. If it turns out to be a disaster or makes me a nervous wreck, I will fetch that bathroom scale right back out of the corner of the closet where I hid it and plop it right back on the bathroom floor where it belongs. I do think my Weight Watchers weigh-in will at least be pretty accurate, because I plan to wear the same thing each time (my workout outfit because I’ll go straight to workout from my WW mtg), I’ll eat the same thing before I go (omelet w/ cheese) and drink the same thing (a can of diet pepsi).

Today went fairly well. I wasn’t in the mood to workout but I made myself go anyway. It was kinda like a last chance workout except that I really didn’t work out too hard. I took it fairly easy, but did workout for an hour. I’m hoping to get a really, really good hard workout in tomorrow. I did get the munchies tonight after dinner when I was putting off going to the Y. Probably added quite a few calories – not smart. Nothing horrible, though. My major focus for next week is going to be curtailing those little calories that I sneak in. “Write it BEFORE  you bite it” as they say.

Can’t wait to let you know how my weigh in went – hopefully I don’t come back in tears!

  1. #1 by Sandra on March 26, 2010 - 10:11 pm

    I hope you have a great weigh-in and meeting tomorrow morning!

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