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Menu Plan

Thought I’d share my plan for the week. I’m doing okay, but I’m not completely sticking to the plan.

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My Plan for Next Week

My plan for this coming week is to simply follow my plan. That might sound a little simple, but here’s  my thinking. First of all, I’ve rarely created created and stuck to a weekly menu plan. It’s often seemed like a good idea. I’ve tried it a few times. Stuck to it to some degree a couple times, but that’s about it. One problem I have is that although it seems and looks very simple, it takes me forever to create a menu plan. Part of my problem is that I’ve tried to make it far too elaborate. This time I simplified it a bit, printed out a form on the internet, and just hand wrote my meals. It ended up taking about 45 minutes, but I know what I’m having breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. (Snacks are included with breakfast and lunch.) Plus I have all the ingredients for it, so I have no excuses. And, I am not going to count calories or food journal this week. I’m simply going to only eat what is on the menu plan. The only thing that I will write down is anything I eat that is not on the plan. I’m also committing to these things this week:

  • Follow the menu plan (like i just said)
  • Do not take change or dollars bills with me to work, so that I can’t be tempted by vending machines
  • Get lunch ready each evening before bed
  • Workout out at least 4 times for a minimum of 30 minutes

So that’s it. Sounds simple enough. If I do just those four things, I will be satisfied.

Here’s the menu plan:

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How About Some Inspiration?

Applesauce walnut coffee cake
Image by megan.chromik via Flickr

After yesterday’s very heartfelt, but somewhat discouraging post, I really wanted to post something more upbeat and encouraging. Unfortunately my food choices would not be too encouraging. (We still have a some Starbucks inspired homemade coffee cake in the house. That stuff probably has a thousand calories a slice.)

During the past couple months, I obviously haven’t been posting on my own blog, but I also stopped reading almost all other healthy living blogs. (Roni’s Weigh is the only exception to that. I don’t think I’ve missed a single post of hers since I discovered her four years ago when she was “Weight Watchen.”) I’ve even wanted to read blogs, but they reminded me too much off all the things I wasn’t doing. So I just avoided them. Bad idea, of course.

However, just this evening, I’ve gotten a good taste of what I let myself miss out on. I’ve been going back through my google reader catching up on old posts. (By the way, I have no intention of going back through and read all of the 500 posts there.) Wow, it is really inspiring! There are people out there who are really doing it! The post that most stood out to me this evening was this one: I DID IT! by Dawne at It’s My Time.

I started reading her blog very soon after she started it just over a year ago. At that time her blog was titled “365 Days to a New Me.” To the best of my knowledge, she truly did post every single day of that year. (The title of each post was Day X.) I didn’t read every single post, but I’ve read a majority of them. She’s lost over 80 pounds in the past year! 80 pounds! I struggled to lose 20 in a year. The post I linked to above was her “Year 2 Day 1” post. It almost made me cry to read it. Her thing is that she just did it, and I love her approach. She didn’t count calories or go on any fancy plan, she just ate sensibly and stopped when she was full. I have to say, I am just so inspired. She’s even talked about many different diets she’s tried in the past, but this time it seems like she just decided she was going to do it and did. And I know from personal experience that to keep up the healthy lifestyle for a full year – that’s NOT easy.

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Guess What!?

So, guess what!?

Yes, after a two-three month hiatus, I am, in fact, still alive, and I have not abandoned my blog. But that’s not the big news.

As chance would have it, as I sat down to blog this evening, I realized… DRUMROLL PLEASE

That’s it’s my two year blogiversary!!

So what can I say about the past two years? Well, it hasn’t been at all what I expected.

And, I have a confession. Slowly, ever so slowly, the weight has been creeping on up. No blogging. Very little food journalling. Far fewer heroic efforts and wild (yet sincere) declarations that I would avoid the snacks or the chocolate. Lots of mornings without the routine hop on the scale. A few more indulgences (all just this once, of course). Lots of excuses. Way too many “celebrations.” Lots of “I’ll start on Monday.” And before I know it…

I am exactly where I started. Yes, as of this morning I officially weigh the same as I did when I started this blog two years ago. And I there was a time not so long ago when I really, truly thought I had it somewhat figured out. When I believed with all my heart that I would NEVER be here again. Oh, I knew I wasn’t going to be perfect. I knew I could put all my energies into weight loss forever, and it would slow down some. I knew there’d even be times when I’d gain a few pounds. But I knew that I’d never give up completely. That I’d never throw in the towel. That I’d never give in to that nasty “I’ll start on Monday” voice in my head. And certainly, I knew I’d never be here again.

Obviously I was wrong.

And as I start again, you might think that I’ve got a bit of a headstart. Didn’t I learn a lot in the past two years that’s going to help as I reembark on the same journey? Shouldn’t the road be more familiar this time? Shouldn’t I know where to avoid the bumps and the potholes? Perhaps I should, and I know that I really have learned some things, a lot of things. I don’t deny that. But, regardless of the facts, it feels as if I’m starting miles behind where I started. It’s like I’ve lost faith in myself. I know you are thinking that sounds like some sort of a trite, cheesy line, and, if I’d heard someone else say it, I’d probably think the same thing. However, it’s really true. The reason it’s been so difficult to get back on track is that I don’t believe I’ll really succeed long term. I can spout out of all sorts of facts. It’s not that I think I literally don’t possess the capability to succeed. No one is forcing me to eat sweets and chocolate. No one is tying me down so I can’t get outside or to the Y or wherever to exercise. I possess the physical ability, of course. I just don’t believe that I actually will. The hardest part is to get that faith back when it seems so far gone.

Sorry to be so depressing. I have a lot more things to say which are much more upbeat! I’ve written a thousand posts in my head on this blogging hiatus. Unfortunately, I’m running out of time, but I’ll post tomorrow with some a little more upbeat. (And by the way all that rambling does not mean that I’m not going to try. Never fear.)

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