Fabulous Friday!

I’m actual writing this on Saturday morning, but oh well. I had another great day of healthy eating and lots of exercise! I also remembered to take pictures of all my food, so I’ll share my photojournal with you. But first, we’ll talk about my exercise.

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day, 65 and sunny!!! It would be a crime not get outside and enjoy it. I was telecommuting (working from home) and my husband got done with his work early, so we ate lunch together and went on 20 minute walk on my lunch break.

Outdoor WalkWalk1

I wore my heart rate monitor for all my activities just out of curiosity. The walk was pretty brisk with some huge hills and I jogged a couple times for fun. (Which I was super excited to find my HRM without having to tear down the house!) To the left are the stats for that walk.


Kickboxing DVD


I wanted to make sure I got in some pretty intense cardio, so I did Cathe’s Kick, and Crunch (kickboxing) DVD. This is probably my 3rd time to do it, and I feel like it finally clicked for me! I’m so uncoordinated that it usually takes me several tries even for kickboxing to feel like I’m getting in. It definitely kept my heart rate up there.


Basketball at the Park


In the evening, my husband and I met another couple at the park to again take advantage of the beautiful day. We first flew a kite (after almost getting it stuck in a light), then we played several quick games of knockout (in which I was almost always the first one out), and then played some 2-on-2 to a score of only 7. My husband and I lost. (That may or may not have had something to do with my “shooting” the ball nowhere near the vicinity of the goal.

What’s the Moral of the Story?

I don’t always wear my HRM that much. I usually just wear it for intentional workouts. In part I was super excited to have found it! Also, I was just curious about how much my less intentional, fun exercise contributed to my overall calorie burn. Well, turns out, it contributes quite a bit. I had about the same calories per hour burned at basketball as I did during my kickboxing DVD. I never would have guessed that! It easily would have been a higher rate if I hadn’t gotten out so quickly each time in knockout and just had to stand there. My 20 minute walk didn’t do too badly either. Granted, if I were at the office working, I could not have walked so briskly and burned so many calories, because I wouldn’t want to return to the office all sweaty.

The Food

So here’s my food journal for the day, just for fun. I’m also going to estimate the calories here just to see where they’re at:

Since I was working at home all day, I didn’t really eat traditional meals. “Breakfast was a Stouffers French Bread veggie pizza (340 cals) plus a delicious WW 80 calorie popsicle:

2011-04-16 0392011-04-16 036

Then it was midmorning snack of two delicious melt-in-your-mouth Hershey Bliss chocolates. (I also had two more throughout the day which aren’t pictured here.) That’s 150 calories. If there was anything I would cut out of my food it would be these. I’ve been eating about 2-4 per day, which isn’t bad since it’s not too many, but I realize they’ are completely empty calories:

2011-04-16 042

The husband and I went to Arby’s for lunch and I had a junior roast beef sandwich (200 cals) plus one of the husband’s curly fries. I wasn’t too hungry because I ate breakfast late. An hour or so later I had a smoothie with pineapple, strawberries, spinach (that’s why the color looks ugly), and some Almond Breeze. I estimate it at about 120 calories:

2011-04-16 0432011-04-16 046

For dinner, I had spaghetti with 93% lean ground turkey in marinara sauce (estimate this to be about 350 cals), green beans (estimate 70 cals), and cheesy garlic bread (estimate 150). Dessert was another popsicle (80 cals):

2011-04-16 0482011-04-16 036

I didn’t have any nighttime snack. If I were hungry, I probably would have had some popcorn, but we went to bed pretty early, before I had a chance to get hungry. Total calories for the day come out to 1540, right in a healthy range for weight loss. Also, the total extra burned is 752 calories, for a net of about 750, definitely on track for some serious weight loss. (Although I should point out that most days I don’t do nearly that much exercise.)

Random Question

Random question, if you’re still reading, have you ever heard of square foot gardening and have you tried it? I’ll probably talk it about more later, but I’ve been looking into it. I think I could do it on my concrete patio outside my townhome. I’m not sure if it would be worth the trouble and expense, though. We would have to purchase and store every little thing (right down to a shovel or rake and tarp for mixing the soil, not to mention seeds, the 4×4 box, watering can, soil materials, etc.).

  1. #1 by Robyn @ New Every Morning on April 16, 2011 - 1:13 pm

    Thanks for the encouragement over on my blog! Good for you for getting so much exercise in so many different ways – it really adds up doesn’t it?! Keep it up!

  2. #2 by Julie on April 16, 2011 - 2:05 pm

    Never heard of it…do tell.

  3. #3 by Sandra on April 16, 2011 - 6:04 pm

    Looks good – the food and your exercise.

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