Weekend Update

Here’s a quick weekend update. Overall, everything went well on the healthy eating front. I still feel like I’m on track and ready to face and conquer the challenges the new week will bring! And I’m excited to report my week one weigh-in results tomorrow! If you’re new here, here’s the post where I talked about my healthy living plan.

Saturday was a dreary and rainy day. I got up, ate a quick and very small breakfast hoping to head right out to the Y for a workout. Well, for some reason, I was feeling completely unmotivated and really enjoying having a day with nothing urgent on the agenda, so I “lolligagged” (as my grandma would say) and accomplished next to nothing for a couple hours, before I finally pushed myself out the door around 11 am. By that time, having had only one egg and it being almost lunchtime, I was quite hungry. This meant that I was a bit lightheaded so I couldn’t work out very intensely, but I still walked for 45 minutes which is definitely something. In retrospect I should have immediately gone to the Y after eating breakfast, and if I didn’t do that, I should have taken the time to eat a real lunch before going. Lesson learned for next time.


The rest of Saturday was spent accomplishing a monstrous to-do list, and I’m thrilled to report that my husband actually accomplished well over half the items on the list!





Saturday evening I made some sugar cookies at the husband’s request and managed to stay out of them and the dough. This morning I finished baking the cookies and am sad to say I did eat a bit of the dough and one cookie. I didn’t go crazy or anything, but, really, while the sugar cookie was good, it isn’t something I LOVE and wasn’t worth the calories.

This evening we 4 friends over for ice cream complete with brownies, several times of cookies, several types of candy, hot fudge, etc. This is what I what my kitchen table looked like a couple hours ago:


What’s a healthy girl supposed to do in this situation!!?? Well, I thought through it carefully and made a careful plan of attack. I figured I had three options:

  1. Of course, I could simply not eat the delicious hot fudge sundaes (perhaps eating some sort of alternate healthy snack) while watching all my (perfectly skinny) friends consume them. Pros: I would save a few hundred calories. Cons: Um, how would you like to watch everyone else eat your favorite food? After years of off-and-on dieting (and therefore many similar situations in which I did NOT eat any of the sweets), I well knew that I would feel pretty miserable about this decision and would still be thinking about the sundaes in the morning. Not a good option!
  2. I could say “Well, this healthy living thing is just too hard, so I’ll just give up and start eating whatever I want.” Wait, that’s in direct conflict with Goal #3! That’s certainly not an option.
  3. I could enjoy one sundae of a moderate, but satisfying size tonight with my friends, then ask my husband to remove all the goodies (which he’s very good about accommodating me in that) from the house, so I would only consume one sundae. I think one or two treats per week is reasonable and certainly a drastic improvement over what I’ve been eating in the past. I also realized that I had been eating 4 little chocolate pieces almost daily . While that is a moderate amount, that’s 150 calories a day, or  1050 calories a week – more than the calories in my sundae! So I made a deal with myself: for the rest of the week I will only have ONE chocolate piece per day. Nice comprise, don’t you think? I feel great about my decision, and you guys will have to hold me to the one chocolate piece per day goal, okay???


Oh, and I’m not sure if this breaks “healthy blogging rules”, but here’s a picture of my sundae. Definitely worth the calories.

  1. #1 by Julie on April 17, 2011 - 10:10 pm

    Sheer genius! Seriously! I agree with all your reason and your decision. Moderation is the key! Good job, friend!

  2. #2 by Diane Fit to the Finish on April 17, 2011 - 10:24 pm

    It sounds like you are really staying in control of everything – very good job!

  3. #3 by Sandra on April 17, 2011 - 10:30 pm

    Well, you certainly are thinking this through. I think I would have made the same decision about a “small” brownie/sundae so I wouldn’t feel anti-social and left out.

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