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A great accomplishment

I know I haven’t blogged for a couple days, but, don’t worry, it’s not a bad sign. I’ve just been busy and I’ve had company. My eating went well until Friday night, and just okay after that. Friday night, I ate about 5 chocolate chip cookies at a friend’s house (at least I didn’t make thme or anything). They were just sooo good. The best ever, seriously. And it was the kind of thing were I just nibbled on like half of one here and there throughout the evening, but it keeps adding up. Saturday I did well, I think. Then today I came pretty close to losing it. One of those chocolate cravings hit and I gave in. I was in the grocery store because I really needed to pick up some batteries, because the battery in my mouse is almost dead. Well, while there I grabbed some Little Debbie cakes. And of course I ate them. Not dwelling on it. Just moving on. Although I really do wish I could do better at avoiding these things. Why is it so hard??

Now for the accomplishment: I worked out six times last week (Mon-Sat)! I knew that I would be eating with friends a lot this weekend and would be consuming extra calories, so I worked out every day. Mon-Thurs workouts were pretty good workouts. Friday and Saturday’s workouts were a rather piddly. Friday it was all I could do to make myself do it, and I couldn’t get into it so I stopped after 30 minutes and only burned 230 calories. So it was not intense at all. Saturday I did a little better because I stuck with it for 50 minutes, but I still wasn’t very intense – burning just over 400 calories. I think it was so hard because I had company and friends over and lots of plans and really want to spend time with them instead of working so it was hard to get my heart into it. But I still gave it my best shot. By the way, this completes number 65 on the list.